Jun 26

Zoo Insider Tip: Tigers at Jungala

Explore Tiger Trails

Next time you come to Busch Gardens don’t forget to stop by Jungala and explore all the hidden gems of Tiger Trails. The tiger keepers have a name for each tiger habitat: The “River” habitat and the “Gorge” habitat which each offers a unique glimpse of our seven Bengal Tigers.

The River Habitat

This habitat is named due to the fact there is a river bed running through the entire habitat. Here all of our tigers get to cool off and play in the water. Did you know Tigers love to swim in the water!

Bala taking a dip

One unique part of the River habitat is the "Tiger Tug." What’s a “tiger tug?” you might ask... Well, all you need to do is go to Tiger Trails around 12:30 or 2:30 and find out.

You have to be pretty lucky to time your arrival just right because sometimes they pick volunteers to help but when you do, it’s a great experience!

Playing Tug O War with a Tiger!

The Gorge Habitat

The Gorge side got its name from having a large gorge that guests get to walk over using a bridge. The Gorge habitat offers just as many cool encounters as the River side so don’t worry if you miss a tug. There is an underwater viewing where you can see our tiger swim…

Zahra taking a swim

there is also a Pop-up where you can enter the Tiger habitat and if you’re really lucky a tiger will be taking a nap on top of it when you visit.

Tiger taking a cat nap

If didn’t get to participate in a tiger tug but still want that unique VIP experience, then sign up for a Jungala Insider or Tiger & Orangutan Keeper Experience tours. These tours give you a unique behind the scenes experience at our Tiger and Orangutan habitats. I’ve been on them both and they are awesome!

Tiger Conservation

All species of tigers are endangered due to habitat loss and poaching. Busch Gardens does a lot to help Tigers in the wild, through the SeaWorld Busch Gardens Conservation Fund but most recently teaming up with the US Postal Service and issuing a new Tiger Stamp.

The new Save Vanishing Species stamp series is giving the public an opportunity to help endangered or threatened species worldwide. Proceeds from the wildlife-themedstamp will directly contribute funding for critical support programs for tigers, rhinos, great apes, marine turtles and elephants. The Proceeds from the “Save Vanishing Species” stamp will directly contribute help projects all over the world that help endangered species like tigers.