Dec 20

Welcome to the World Baby Nyalas!

by Staff

Have you seen the newest animals at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay? NINE NEWBORN NYALA!

This African antelope has a characteristic light brown coat with both white stripes and spots--a great combination for camouflage! While a male Nyala can grow to be almost 300 lbs., an average newborn will weigh only 10 lbs. These little ones can be found roaming with the herd near the Serengeti Safari Tour. If spotted in the morning hours, they can often be found huddled together under the lush bamboo grasses of the plain.

With habitat loss and poaching being a major concern for African antelopes such as the Nyala, the SeaWorld and Busch Gardens Conservation Fund continues to support projects with the goal of protecting precious natural habitats--for predator and prey alike, and to inspire a new generation of conservationists locally and globally. Currently, we are supporting the Kasese Wildlife Conservation Awareness Organization in Uganda and teaching locals how to preserve wildlife and foster appreciation for the many species that call Uganda home. Help be a part of the effort! Check out

You can see the nyala and other African animals on our Serengeti Safari! The tour transports you to the wild and wonderful world of the Serengeti Plain as your tour guide relates secrets and stories of this amazing habitat. You'll see zebras, giraffe and rhinos while learning about other exotic animal species and getting the most amazing photo opportunities. Click here for more information.