Jun 10

Vote to Name Busch Gardens' Lion Cub Sisters


These two female lion cubs arrived at Busch Gardens from South Africa May 18. As of yet, they are unnamed and Busch Gardens is inviting their Facebook Fans to name these babies. Yesterday, the two made an appearance on the TODAY Show.

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Name Options:

Malaika and Mlinzi:

  • Malaika means "Angel." The cub is sweet and loving and displays affection towards training staff.
  • Mlinzi meaning "Protector." The cub is eager to explore and is the first to venture into new environments and experiences.

Shtuko and Shaba:

  • Shtuko means "Twitch." The cub is full of personality and bounces around with lots of energy.
  • Shaba means "Brazen." The cub is very sassy and bold and Brazen really describes her.

About the Cubs: The sisters were born March 20. Once they are large enough, the Busch Gardens animal care team will start introducing the cubs to the lion and hyena habitat of the Edge of Africa attraction. More information and updates about the progress of the new cubs will be posted here on our blog. The addition of the cubs comes as the result of a relationship between Busch Gardens and a private zoological facility in South Africa and enhances the sustainability of lions living in managed care in North America, as well as aids in the park’s breeding program.

Watch the Lion Cubs on the TODAY Show.

The naming poll will close on Tuesday, June 18 and the winning names will be announced the following day.

More photos of Busch Gardens' baby lion cub sisters on the TODAY show: