Feb 01

An Update on Kasi and Mtani


Two of the animals that are most-loved by our guests are Kasi, the young cheetah and his canine companion, Mtani. Remember when Kasi was just a baby? At the time, our guests were surprised to learn that Kasi and Mtani would in fact, be lifelong companions.

You've watched them grow up, right here on our blog. They celebrated their first "anniversary" together. They got into the Halloween spirit and played with pumpkins. You've watched them celebrate birthdays and even saw Kasi's first check-up at our Animal Care Center.

Many guests ask (at the park and on our Facebook page) if they are still spending as much time together as they did when they were young. The answer is yes! Here are some photos of the two this week. Enjoy!

If you'd like to read more stories about Kasi, check out this list of blog posts by cheetah keeper, Anna.

Are you a fan of Kasi and Mtani? What has been your favorite moment watching them grow up? Leave us a comment below!

Photos by Matt Turner