Jun 10

An Update from Cheetah Run

You may have noticed that our group of female cheetahs seems a bit smaller lately – and you’d be right! Pego and Oronsay have made the trip up north to White Oak Conservation Center, where they will hopefully become mothers!

White Oak is like a resort for endangered species. Located in the heart of North Florida’s pine forests it is the perfect secluded get-away for animals that need a little bit of privacy for their match making. Busch Gardens collaborates with the Cheetah Species Survival Plan which, among other things, matches the cheetahs in North America with each other to help keep the genetic diversity in the population strong… Kind of like a Match.com, for cheetahs!

Pego and Oronsay, who happen to be sisters, traveled up by van. Another keeper and I rode with them and stayed for a few days to make sure they settled in well and that the keepers at White Oak knew the ins and outs of taking care of these individual girls. White Oak is one of the best when it comes to cheetah breeding so we know they are in good hands.

Cheetahs are one of the world’s most endangered cats with a global population of around 10,000. There are only around 250 individuals in zoos in North America so each cub born is a big success.

We hope that these two girls find love at first sight and soon have some bouncing baby balls of fluff so that we can share photos with everyone! Stay posted for updates on these two!