May 17

Tiger Cubs at Busch Gardens

As part of the tiger team here at Busch Gardens Tampa, I can tell you firsthand that our Malayan tiger cubs are growing fast! Already a month and a half old, they have gone through numerous developmental changes since their birthday on Easter morning.

The cubs opened their eyes at 10 days old, and since then have begun teething, walking, chuffing (a tiger’s friendly greeting), and even playing!

While the cubs are still uncoordinated, they are quick on their feet. Their mother, Bzui, is a stereotypical first time mother, chasing her cubs around the house and yard. Bzui continues to excel as a mother, responding to her cubs’ vocalizations and nursing them constantly.

The cubs are getting bigger each day. Our largest male is already 12 pounds! Tiger cubs gain about two pounds each week, and males average about 340 pounds once they are full grown. We are continuing to treat the smaller male for his skin condition, and are remaining hopeful that Bzui’s devoted care and our due diligence will only continue to strengthen his recovery.

The female is the bravest of all three cubs! She loves to explore her surroundings and often ventures into the yard. She quietly observes us as we go about our day-to-day activities, and seems to understand that she will eventually be much bigger than us!

We are thrilled with the progress that each new day brings, and while the cubs are still adapting to life with mom behind the scenes, we can’t wait until they move to Jungala. Stay tuned in the meantime as we continue to update you through our blog!