Mar 29

Quick Queue - Is it worth it?

Quick Queue

I have been asked many times by guests if our Quick Queue program is worth the price. My answer is always YES. It is the best way to see and do everything in the park in one day.

Ever been waiting in line for Cheetah Hunt or any of our other awesome rides and then realize the next showing of Iceploration starts in 5 minutes, but you have been standing in line for so long that you don’t want to get out of line to catch the show? The Quick Queue program would be able to fix that easily.

Cheetah Hunt

Once you purchase your Quick Queue ticket, you get to skip the lines once on some of our most popular rides like Gwazi or SheiKra, then get right on with little or no wait. Or for an even more action packed day, you can upgrade and get unlimited access to the rides with our Quick Queue Unlimited wristband. With the wristband you can still skip the lines like usual. But if you really like the ride you just got off, you can flash your wristband at the ride entrance again and show it some more love.

As with any of the in-park upgrades, park admission is required but not included. So if you still need to get your tickets stop by our website to see the latest ticket deals. As an extra bonus, our All Day Dining Deal would go perfectly with the Quick Queue.


Have you gotten the Quick Queue before? Share your experience below. And if you have any questions about the program, don’t be afraid to ask. Just type up your questions, submit them below and I’ll get right back with you.

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