Oct 30

Name the New Baby Rhino at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay

Hi, I'm Jennifer MacNaughton, and I'm a rhino keeper. I am proud and happy to announce the arrival of a baby white rhino.

Mother, Kisiri and her new daughter are doing very well. They are closely bonded, and Kisiri is very protective of her. The calf was born in the early hours of October 23 and by dawn’s light, she was standing.

She is very inquisitive and is always exploring -- that is, when she’s not all tuckered out!

As you can see from the pictures, when baby rhinos are born they look a lot like full grown rhinos, and within an hour of birth they are standing, walking and able to be on the move with mom. Baby rhinos are very vocal, making an assortment of snorts, whines and squeaks.

This little girl has been exploring her environment and “tastes” everything. Here she is with her tongue out – a common sight in the last few days.

Once Kisiri was pregnant, we had to wait 16 months for this wonderful baby rhino to come along.

If you want to get a glimpse of this not-so-little baby, she is out on our Serengeti Plain, with her mother.

Now, this is where you come in - We need your help to name her!

This baby doesn’t have a name and if you’d like to cast your vote, head over to the Busch Gardens Tampa Bay Facebook page. Pick the name out of the four options that you think best matches this spunky little rhino, and join us in welcoming a baby rhino into the world!

You can help chose from the following names, inspired by their Swahili meanings:

  • Bahati, meaning luck or success
  • Jasiri, meaning brave and bold
  • Safiri, meaning traveler
  • Saba, which refers to her being the seventh white rhino born at Busch Gardens