Oct 26

McKayla Maroney IS Impressed...with the Animals at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay


Members of Team USA visited Busch Gardens Tampa Bay on Wednesday, October 24.

Olympic gold medalist McKayla Maroney and two-time Olympian Jonathan Horton met several of Busch Gardens’ animal “athletes.”

The duo was introduced to a group of the fastest land mammals.

Maroney and Horton encountered cheetahs at the new Cheetah Run exhibit near Cheetah Hunt, Florida’s first triple-launch roller coaster.

McKayla Maroney is actually really impressed...she loved meeting the animals!

See, she was just kidding around! McKayla especially had fun with Tufts the ground hornbill.

McKayla won the 2012 Olympic Team Gold Medal, and Jonathan was a 2012 Olympian who earned the 2008 Olympic Silver Medal on the horizontal bar, and was recognized with the 2008 Olympic Bronze Team Medal.

Photos by Matt Marriott