Jul 14

Keeping it Cool this Summer at Busch Gardens Tampa

Tidal Wave at Busch Gardens

The Traditional Favorites

We know it’s hot outside, so we’ve come up with a few ideas to keep you cool. Of course we have our three terrific water rides – Congo River Rapids, Stanley Falls Flume, and Tanganyika Tidal Wave – that are perfect for getting soaked. But don't forget our great air-conditioned restaurants, such as Crown Colony, Desert Grill, Zambia Smokehouse and Garden Gate Café, and excellent air-conditioned shows in the Moroccan Palace Theater and the Timbuktu 4-D Theater.

And you can find ice cream treats, ice-cold Pepsi products, and tasty Safari Freeze frozen slushes all over the park and most gift shops have Squeeze Breeze mister fans too. Now we have even more!

Introducing… The Spritzer Squad!

With the summer sun beating down, Busch Gardens has stepped up to the plate and assigned the Spritzer Squad to find guests, offer heat relief and then cool them with a light mist of water.

This gregarious group wears brightly colored overalls and offers a refreshing smile to all passing guests. They can pop up just about anywhere in the park at any time. Keep an eye out for the mobile misting team of The Spritzer Squad!

Cool Zone at Busch Gardens

It’s Misting Time!

Is the homemade accordion-style park map fan just not cutting it? To offer relief from the heat you can now find THREE full-scale misting stations throughout the park called Cool Zones.

Each zone has five misting towers that are about 12 ft. tall, which guests can walk under to get a cool, pleasant mist. The Cool Zones can be found in Egypt by Tut’s Tomb, in Nairobi by the Asian Elephant exhibit, and in Morocco by Gwazi and are listed on the park map.

Sleepovers at Busch Gardens

One Last Tip

Have kids that want to keep looking at the animals but don’t want to wait around while you cool off? Try Tiger Lodge in Jungala. This hideaway has plenty of air-conditioning but also has a marvelous view of our beautiful endangered Bengal Tigers. It is also where we have our Summer Nights Family Fun Sleepovers.They can see the tigers play and learn from the information screens while you catch your breath. Then let them loose in Treetop Trails – the three story playground filled with rope bridges and animals!

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