Jul 28

Introducing the New Busch Gardens Blog Team!

Good News! We’ll be serving up some fresh new content on our blog. Nine team members have been hand selected to be a part of our new blog team. You’ll be hearing from each of our new writers about once a month, offering an inside perspective about what’s going on around Busch Gardens. Keep an eye out for stories from our newest members:

Keri Bauer at Busch Gardens

Keri Bauer is an employee you might say likes to “monkey around” a lot. As a Senior Animal Care Specialist for Myombe Reserve, Keri takes care of our gorillas and other primates at the park. You can see Keri showing off some trained animal behaviors and sharing her knowledge of gorillas at our daily Keeper Talks.

Anna Chaney at Busch Gardens

Anna Chaney likes to run on the wild side. She is a Senior Animal Care Specialist for our new habitat Cheetah Run. Aside from chasing after Kasi and Mtani, Anna also takes care of the rest of our cheetahs and has a wealth of knowledge about our big cats. You can see her interacting with our cats and giving them enrichment items, as well as sharing some fun facts, during the daily Keeper Talks.

Jen Devenport at Busch Gardens

Jen Devenport is an animal’s best friend at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay because she is responsible for preparing all of the food to each animal’s diet. She works as a Zoo Aid in our Zoo Nutrition Center putting together meals of anything from fruits bowls to meat mixes to lettuce buckets. Keep up with her blog stories to learn more about what our animals eat and why.

Nikki Dvorak at Busch Gardens

Nikki Dvorak has a job location fit for a queen. She calls the Moroccan Palace Theater home and has been working there as a stage technician for more than 30 years! Every day she enjoys watching all of our Cirque Dreams Jungle Fantasy characters perform and she plays a big role in making the show run smoothly. You may not be able to see her up in the cat-walks but you can read all about her experiences right here on the blog.

Mariah Fairweather

Mariah Fairweather always has the inside scoop. She is one of the newest additions to the Marketing team as an intern for our Public Relations department. Keep up with Mariah’s blog stories for news about what’s going on in the park and what it’s like to be an intern at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay.

Katie Leahy at Busch Gardens

Katie Leahy is quite a character. Playing one of the spunky shipwreck survivors in the Critter Castaways show, Katie gets to work with many different animals from cats and dogs to storks and pot bellied pigs. You can see her perform three times a day at the Bird Gardens Theater. Check in on her stories to hear about all of her animal friends.

Gabriel Sanchez at Busch Gardens

Gabriel Sanchez clears the streets and runs with the bulls. This USF native is an Assistant Unit Supervisor for Grounds in the Operations department. He is responsible for making sure our park is clean and enjoyable for our guests, plus he knows the park like the back of his hand. If you need something fun to do he will show you the way. Especially in his blogs!

Amber Wisler

Amber Wisler is a real “class act.” She works with all the little explorers in our zoo camps and classrooms and shares her love for animals through the outreach activities of our Zoo Education department. To promote our parks and conservation message, Amber has also been a guest on several radio and TV shows. It’s only natural she should tell her stories on the blog too.

James Yancey is a man with a plan. As a front gate turnstile attendant, James has all the insider tips on what to bring and what not to bring to the park and how to prepare for the Florida weather. He will be sharing helpful advice on how get into the park the quickest way and tips on what to do once you get inside.

Stay tuned-in to the blog to hear all the exciting new stories from around our park we’ll be getting from our new writers at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay. What do you want to hear from our new writers? Let us know here in the comments section and you might get your own dedicated story!

Photos by Katie McMichen