May 08

How To Get A Job At Busch Gardens

by Staff

You’re hired!

We all want to hear those magical words after we go through an interview. So, what is the secret to getting a job as a Busch Gardens or Adventure Island employee, or team member as we call them? It is harder than you think, but it can be easier than you think too! Only a small percentage of those individuals who apply actually get hired. But here is an explanation of our hiring process and some tips to improve your chances.

The Jobs

Most team members are hired into seasonal jobs in Operations (such as Ride Operator, Tram Driver, and Guest Admissions), Food Service, or Merchandise (such as Retail Sales, Games and Photos) at either Busch Gardens, or our water park, Adventure Island. Here’s what some of the jobs look like:

Operations team members

Food Service/Culinary team members

Merchandise (Games, Photos and Retail Sales) team members

Screen yourself in or out

If you have a positive attitude, a customer service mindset, a team orientation, a winning smile and enjoy engaging with guests, you’re probably a perfect fit. On the other hand….you should be aware that we are a drug-free workplace, and look for a neat, clean, conservative style in applicants so that our team members enrich the guest experience, rather than distracting them from all our parks have to offer. Piercings (besides earrings for the ladies), gauges, tattoos on the face or neck, or inappropriate tattoos would rule you out.

The Application

The complete application process must be done online at our jobs website: On any given day there may be different jobs posted on this site. You should check back regularly if you don’t see a job you like, or that you are qualified for. If you see a job that matches your interest, then hit the “Apply Now” button and you are on your way. For the seasonal jobs noted above, you will normally have the option of scheduling yourself for an in-person interview at our office. (Other jobs listed may involve us contacting you later if we need more information. Don’t worry if you are not able to set up an interview immediately. We will always contact you.)

The Interview

You have submitted your application and scheduled your interview. Don’t stop now! A fun job is within your sights. Make sure to show up on time for your scheduled interview, or call the phone number you were provided if you need to cancel or re-schedule. Be patient and prepared to wait. We may have as many as one hundred applicants scheduled for interviews on any given day.

These may seem like basics, but we have seen them all in applicants who have NOT gotten hired:

-Turn off your cell phone and don’t take any phone calls, or do any texting during your interview

-No smoking or chewing gum during the interview

-Avoid shorts, cut-offs, torn clothes, flip-flops, hats, spiked hair, unnatural hair color or styles, flashy jewelry, profanity and poor personal hygiene (body odor or bad breath).


-Speak up clearly and enthusiastically with no mumbling

-Dress for success in business casual attire

-Be focused on the task at hand with no distractions

-And, we love kids and parents, but if you want the job, you should not bring either to your interview

So, bring your “A” game and apply now. It could be just a part-time job, or it might turn into a fulfilling career. If you already have your dream job, pick up a Fun Card or Annual Pass and have our wonderful team members provide you the world class guest service we are known for. Let us know what more you would like to know about working at Busch Gardens or Adventure Island.

Article by Mike Kraskow