Jan 18

Experience the Thrill of Serengeti Night Safari!

What’s better than exploring the Serengeti Plains and encountering African wildlife up close? Experiencing it all at night!

Specifically designed for adults 21+, the Serengeti Night Safari takes you on a two-and-a-half hour trek into the African night. Start the night off in our exclusive Safari Club Lounge with delicious appetizers and refreshing beverages, where you’ll meet your hosts and chat with other guests that will be joining you on your adventure!

Then, venture through Edge of Africa to witness the behaviors of hippos, lions and hyenas in a totally different light!

Board a safari truck to explore the Serengeti Plain and see free roaming herds of giraffe, zebra, rhino, and more on your unforgettable night tour.

And after your amazing animal adventure, cozy up around a campfire in the middle of the Serengeti Plain to hear colorful tales inspired by African folklore. Then finish your evening with a nightcap and dessert back at Safari Club Lounge.

This nighttime blend of entertainment and education is only available for a limited time on select weekend nights. For details, visit BuschGardens.com.