May 19

Cuteness Alert: Lemur Babies Debut at Jambo Junction!

Come by Jambo Junction to meet the newest additions to the Busch Gardens family!

Maditra & Bozeny (“Madi” & “Zeny”), Jambo Junction’s four-year-old Red Ruffed Lemurs, welcomed their infants mid-day on April 29th, 2011. They’re excellent parents, but staff at Jambo Junction aren’t surprised. The pair’s firstborn offspring, Akisa & Adana, just celebrated their first birthdays at Busch Gardens Williamsburg!

Madi & Zeny’s newest babies first ventured out of their nest box with mom on May 11th. Are decorations of pink, blue, or both in order? Only mom and dad know for now, but one thing’s for sure- they’re going to be great climbers!

In the forests of Madagascar, unlike most primates, Red Ruffed Lemurs build nests to house their (up to 6!) babies. These nests are built up to 80 feet off the forest floor! Infant Red Ruffed Lemurs are born with very developed hands and feet to help them stay secure in their leafy canopy nursery.

As Red Ruffed Lemurs, all members of this family play an important role at the Busch Gardens parks: they are ambassadors for their endangered species. There are over 90 species of lemurs, all indigenous to the island of Madagascar. At Busch Gardens, in addition to Jambo Junction’s Red Ruffed Lemur family, you can find Ring Tailed & Red Fronted Brown Lemurs in the Edge of Africa, Mongoose Lemurs in Curiosity Caverns, and Black & White Ruffed Lemurs at Jungala.

While all species of lemurs are impacted by habitat loss, the main threats to Red Ruffed Lemurs are hunting & deforestation. Busch Gardens’ ambassador lemurs work alongside staff to spread messages of conservation & education to folks everywhere.