May 31

Cheetah Hunt: Insider Tips from Opening Week


Cheetah Hunt has been officially open for a whopping four full days now, but many people out there have ridden many, many times.

We asked you, and then we listened: we wanted to know not only what they thought of the ride (incidentally, it’s getting rave reviews from our Fans)! but we also wanted their Insider Tips. So on our Facebook page, we asked our Fans to tell us: What is the best time to ride? The best seat? The best game to play while in the queue? Any other tips?

Here are some of the best tips they came up with so far. Throughout the summer, we’ll update these as more Cheetah Hunt hints roll in from our Fans, the coaster experts.

May: Best Seat: Front/Left seat for a thrilling experience and a great view. Best time to ride: I loved riding at night -- you couldn’t see what was going on and then, when you could all you could see is that beautiful gold and green track lit up.

Patti:Wear good sneakers, have lots of water and chat a lot. Before you know it, you’re riding. We sat in the front row! Best seat was in front, to see everything coming!

Amanda: Ride it only once in the day time (so you don't get familiar with the track), then ride it again in the dark! (Not knowing where you are going) After that, just ride it as many times as your heart desires!

Georgina: Love the speed. First launch rocks. I advise do not eat a very large meal before riding. The middle seat is great.

Jerome: Best Seat: Front Row. Best Time to Ride: Night Time. Best Queue Game: Angry Birds.

Christopher: The back seat (is the best) because you never know when you’re gonna launch -- and ride at sunset so you can see it setting in the background. and best game is probably “I Spy.”

Drew: Cheetah Hunt is Amazing!! I got to preview the coaster before it opened to the general public..and the line is - Worth the Wait -! Front And Back Rows Were My Favorite Of Course.

Rashelle: I made a special trip to Busch Gardens JUST for this ride, so I was prepared. Bring a smart phone and play games or study for exams while in line. Seriously worth the wait.