Feb 17

Kasi Turns 4! Come Celebrate with Us!

It seems like just yesterday Kasi was an adorable ball of fluff scampering about Cheetah Run at Busch Gardens. My how time does fly! Join us in celebrating Kasi’s offical adulthood during his 4th birthday celebration on February 19.

Apr 19

Baby Cheetah and Puppy Pal: A Look Back at their First Year at Busch Gardens

April marks the one-year anniversary of Busch Gardens’ most famous pair.

Kasi and Mtani were introduced to each other last year and have been together ever since.

Kasi and Mtani, one year ago April 2011

Feb 09

Kasi's 1st Birthday Celebration

Baby Kasi the cheetah at Busch Gardens

Kasi’s First Birthday Party

Celebrate the first birthday of Busch Garden’s famous cheetah with the team of keepers that have raised him for the past year.

Dec 09

FREE Teachers' Tool: "Kasi & Mtani: Forever Friends"- A Long Term Investigation Project

Busch Gardens has a great new FREE tool to assist teachers, specifically in teaching the concept of change over time to learning audiences of all ages.

This year’s Long Term Investigation Project, entitled: Kasi & Mtani: Forever Friends, focuses on the growth and development of Kasi and Mtani, our cheetah cub and his puppy pal.

Oct 10

So, You Want to Be a Zookeeper…

It’s back to school time again and with thoughts of schooling inevitably, come thoughts of careers. In my opinion, one of the most rewarding career paths out there is the one I have chosen to take. Here at Busch Gardens my title is Senior Animal Care Specialist, but most people call me a “zookeeper.”

Busch Gardens Keeper

Aug 21

A Day in the Life of Kasi, Part 2

This is part 2 of "A Day in the Life of Kasi" the Baby Cheetah...

The afternoon for Kasi and Mtani is spent doing all kinds of fun things. The two of them make at least two appearances each day at Cheetah Run. The bigger cheetahs go inside for a break and the entire exhibit is given over to the unlikely pair. There is always lots of chasing and playing. Sometimes even an accidental plunge into the waterfall! Kasi enjoys playing with a wide array of different items.

Jun 28

Vote for Kasi in the Cutest Zoo Baby Poll


Kasi's up for "Cutest Zoo Baby" and he Needs Your Vote to Win!

You first fell in love with him on our blog...and really, how could you not? He is probably one of the cutest babies there ever was.

Jun 23

Baby Cheetah and Puppy Pal: An Update in Photos


Kasi and Mtani

If you've been reading our blog for some time now, you are familiar with our four-month old cute baby cheetah and his puppy pal. So what have they been up to since you first met them on our blog in March?

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