Nov 26

Celebrate World Tamandua Day on November 29th!

by Staff

Tamandu-what?? Tamanduá is Portugese for “anteater”, and on November 29, Busch Gardens will be celebrating World Tamandua Day! We’ll be hosting our celebration at the Animal Care Center, where guests can meet Sati, our Southern Tamandua, and some of her South American friends!

Meet Sati!

The Southern Tamandua, also known as the collared or lesser anteater. She is one of four species of anteaters. As the name implies, these animals love to eat ants - up to 9,000 a day in fact!

Feb 06

Meet the 4 New BG Bloggers!

Busch Gardens Tamp Bay welcomes four new members to our blog team! We now have more unique park perspectives from both the Horticulture department and the Zoo Education department.

Jose Dominguez and Bethany Cable both work with our special animals that have been trained for human interaction. You might see them walking around the park with anything from a Southern Ground Hornbill to a Two-Toed Sloth. They also work in the presentation kitchen of the Animal Care Center. You can look forward to hearing about some of the lesser-known but super cool animals we have in the park.

Mar 04

It's Naptime!

Snoozin' at the Zoo....

Last month, we talked about some wild eating habits in “What’s for Lunch?” Well, we’ve had our mid-day meal... and now some of us wish we could take a nap!

Those of us who work at Busch Gardens may not be able to take a siesta, but our animals can grab a few winks whenever they like!

Jan 21

American Idol Constantine Maroulis Takes Things "Slow" on His Day Off


Get it? "Slow"...because he's holding a sloth? (Work with me, people!)

Tony nominee and American Idol finalist Constantine Maroulis, who appears as the ‘do-rocking “Drew” in the hit hair-metal musical Rock of Ages at Ruth Eckerd Hall, meets the most popular – and hairiest – of Busch Gardens’ Animal Ambassadors team, Harry the sloth.

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