Jun 19

Bowing For Rhinos Event Recap

Bowling for Rhinos is a yearly Bowl-a-thon that celebrates Rhinos and supports them in their natural environments all over the world. This year Tampa Bay AAZK (our local AAZK chapter - American Association of Zoo Keepers) held the 24th Annual Bowling for Rhinos on Friday, May 31st.

Turn out this year was the best we've ever had and we set a new record for our Tampa Bay Chapter in funds raised for Rhino Conservation! We raised over $6,300 and BFR T-shirts are still available if you would like to grab a shirt and help save rhinos and their habitats! Our Silent Auction did very well and our Raffle was a wonderful success.

The action really heated up in the second Crash, as the Keepers Vs. Management battle began. We had Busch Gardens Keepers and their management each field a team and Lowry Park Zoo keepers and management returned once more for the intense bowling action. New to the party, Disney's Animal Kingdom joined in the fun and we were able to have a 6 way competition in the battle for Glory and Honor and a Rhino Trophy! Smiles were shared, strikes and gutter balls filled the lanes, and in the end one team emerged victorious.

Pandy Sokol celebrating a Strike with the Busch Gardens Keeper team

Lowry Park Zoo Keeper and Management Teams

In a close battle that came down to the last few frames, the Busch Gardens Management held on to their lead to secure the win over the Busch Gardens Keeper team and claim the title of champions...for this year. For now, the Rhino Trophy sits in the Zoo Management office, a shining beacon to their skill and courage...but the last Friday in May will come round again and the trophy will once again be held high, as we battle for victory.

Rob Yordi, head of the Busch Gardens Management Bowling Team, holding the BFR Trophy.

Join us next year for the fun, the bowling, the prizes and, most importantly, the joyous celebration of Rhinos and their wonderful world.